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20.08.08 12:09

Executive FAQs added

An FAQ section has been added for users of the Executive series

14.08.08 12:37

Update available for Executive Bengali 11.5

Version 11.5.4 of Executive Bengali Standard is now available for download by registered users

03.10.07 12:00

Site Launched

The Gate Seven web site is now up and running.

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Gate Seven

  • Web Development
  • TYPO3 Web Hosting
  • Empowerment
  • Typography Services
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  • Clients' Area

Empowering Powerful Harmonious Communication

Gate Seven provide web design and hosting services based around, and optimised for, TYPO3, the enterprise-level content management system.

TYPO3 is a perfect platform for the development of highly interactive corporate and community-based web sites and intranets.

We are also, and uniquely, experts in multilingual computing, type design and type technology, specialising in complex non-Roman scripts such as Arabic (including Nastaliq), Amharic, Bengali, Devanagari, Gujarati, Gurumukhi, Tamil, and Malayalam.

Combining our skill sets, we have unrivalled expertise in providing solutions supporting communication in multiple languages and scripts across multiple media and computing platforms.