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Bottom Line

TYPO3 Package Installed
20 GByte Web Space
Unlimited transfer
Optimised server
Plesk Control Panel
Daily Backup
£20 + VAT per month


TYPO3 Web Hosting

Our hosting service is directed specifically at TYPO3 websites and other database-driven server-side applications.

The standard price for all these hosting packages is £20-00 plus VAT per month.

Base Hosting Specification
The base configuration, at £20-00 per month is optimised to support TYPO3 and other web applications. Management is simplified by Plesk - an industry-standard control panel.
TYPO3 Packages for Developers
The TYPO3 "Dummy" package - the base from which developers work. The TYPO3 source code and most frequently used extensions are installed in common for all sites on the server, together with other performance enhancing optimisations
WEC Template
The WEC package supplies a powerful, ready to run, web site particularly aimed at churches and other third-sector organisations which use their site to support community-based activity. You can customise the supplied designs as required by your own organisation, but fundamentally all you need to do is add your own information.
YAML Template
An exemplary, feature-rich and easily customisable TYPO3 template, which looks good out of the box, and is designed for further customisation by manipulation of the css files. It is strongly standards-compliant, with accessibility features built in. This is particularly suitable for small businesses and voluntary organisations, particularly those whose grant is not large but depends on accessibility being included.
Other TYPO3 Options
TYPO3 options which are more applicable to larger organisations with many branches, each with their own identity, or umbrella organisations which wish to provide multiple web sites for a range of organisations.
Glyphgate Hosting
Glyphgate offers you the ultimate in typographic control. You can preserve your corporate identity exactly on the web, and/or deliver content in multiple complex scripts, such as Arabic, Bengali or Devanagari even to browsers that do not natively support them.
Additional Hosting Optione
Virtual servers, dedicated Servers, server clusters and management of your own server, either real or in the cloud.
Hosting Agreement
The contract governing our hosting provision
Acceptable Use Policy
Rules relating to the use of our web space