Gate Seven Software

Multi-Lingual Software

We produce, market and support software to enable text entry of virtually all the scripts of the world.

Our own software continues to be very widely used by public and voluntary sector translators and translation units in the UK, as well as by creative writers.

The software combines ease of use with high quality typefaces, and integrates with Microsoft Word, providing an unbeatable combination of functionalities without interfering with the operating system.

This software continues to be maintained, though development is limited.

We are keen to do more development in this area, though we now think more in terms of sponsorship and/or commissioned development, rather than producing applications on a speculative basis for resale.

The Executive Series

The Executive Series is a group of add-ins for Microsoft Word, each of which provides a shaping engine and fonts for a particular script. A number of these products can be combined together to to allow text entry in multiple scripts in the same document.

There are four major selling points:

  1. Script entry is automated, and text is entered in the order in which it sounds - the system reorders the text automatically as it is typed in the case of complex, non-linear scripts
  2. The keyboard layouts are based on the standard ASCII keyboard, as far as possible, so users can be typing very quickly without the need for stickers or customised keyboards
  3. Fonts are high quality
  4. The products are add-ins for Microsoft Word, and do not interfere in any way with the operating system. In general, this is good news for system administrators, and it has ensured that our products continued to work when operating systems are upgraded.

Products currently available are:

  • Executive Amharic
  • Executive Bengali, Standard and Professional
  • Executive Devanagari
  • Executive Gujarati
  • Executive Latin
    (for all languages using Latin scipt, including African languages)
  • Executive Malayalam
  • Executive Punjabi
  • Executive Tamil
  • Executive Vietnamese

Code Page Converters

Enables you to use the same text in print and on the web, converting between code pages as necessary, and to edit text is various code pages in different applications.

MediaWiki <-> Microsoft Word Converter

The converter is a template for Microsoft Word.

It provides an interface which supports the user in constructing documents from only those styles which MediaWiki knows about, and then converts the text to and from MediaWiki's mark up language.