All web-related work that we do for you is governed by a contract. The purpose of the contract is to ensure that all parties to the agreement are clear what needs to be done, and of their various obligations and responsibilities.

For smaller projects we use our standard web design contract. For larger projects, we develop a contract based on our extended web-design contract. The extended contract is designed to be flexible, and is modified for each individual case.


Web Development

Creating the best site for you

Gate Seven work with organisations and projects of all sizes in the commercial, educational and voluntary/not-for-profit sectors.

A wide range of clients means a wide range of requirements, expectations and possibilities.

To be able to meet all these, we start from a position of enquiry - finding out what you are about, and how that could be enhanced by your web presence, backed up by technical strength: a content management system, TYPO3, which has the power and flexibility to meet all likely needs, while being easy for end-users to work with.

Our business model - working in partnership - enables us to work with you to obtain the best possible value for money, and to establish the most effective balance between the in-house and outsourced management of your site.