Consultancy, Project Management, Support, Training

Empowerment services provide solutions which enable you to realise your objectives, by providing specialist input to aid decision making, managing and/or executing projects once the decisions have been made, by providing training to equip staff with new skills, and supporting staff as they work. 

We can empower you both by taking tasks off your hands (which empowers you by letting you get on with your core business), and by providing training and support for you or your staff to be able to master whatever they need to do.

We support you in making decisions prior to embarking on a project, including decisions about which parts of a project will be out-sourced, and which kept in house. You may also want us to proved project management and/or implementation, and training and support for the people involved in the project.
Project Management
We can either manage the implementation of web-based projects, or both manage and implement them.
We equip your staff to performs those parts of a project which they are or will be responsible for
We provide on-going support to staff as they work on their parts of a project, and we may also manage and/or implement of those parts of a project which are permanently out-sourced.

Gate Seven provide and/or manage services on a customised basis, generally within the context of working in partnership.

As partners, we may be employed to do more or less of a complete project - it all depends on the stage at which we get involved, and, of course, your existing skills and requirements, and the extent to which you wish, or need, to do-it-yourself.

Part of our empowerment/partnership process is the provision of on-line documentation to assist you if you are not employing our expertise directly: if you think about taking the do-it-yourself approach, you will have to balance the amount of time and motivation required from people who are training themselves, against the costs involved in employing us to do the job.