TYPO3 is described fully from a functional and marketting popint of view here

The typo3.com site has extensive lists of reference sites that have been produced using the software




 TYPO3 is a flexible, general purpose, enterprise-level, content management system of enormous power and sophistication - one might say the Microsoft Word of the CMS world.

TYPO3 provides a powerful and flexible infrastructure which makes it easy for you to manage your own content, and which you can take over, once it has been set up, with whatever level of on-going support you prefer.

It supports the flexibility combined with the security and stability that organisations need. There are many simpler CMSs than TYPO3, but they all prove much more limited in important respects.

  • TYPO3 and its extensions are open source, and publicly and extensively documented.
  • All the software necessary to manage and produce your site is located on the server, and is accessed through standard web browsers such as Internet Explorer, Firefox or Safari.
  • You need additional software on your PC only to produce specialist multimedia, though you may choose to do initial text editing on a local word processor, and edit graphics using a specialist package such as Photoshop before uploading them.
  • TYPO3 is included in the Application Vault of web servers using the Plesk control panel software, which is used by many ISPs. Installing TYPO3 to your web site is a matter of clicking a button.
  • From this it follows that if you are dissatisfied with one ISP, you can take your TYPO3 website to another, provided they use Plesk (or specialise in TYPO3)
  • If you are low on cash but high in time, you can do everything yourself.
  • You can employ your own designer, design site layouts yourself or let us do it for you.
  • You can start with a simple, or pre-existing design, and work on it later, since the design is kept separate from the content
  • TYPO3 is modular. Pages are built from content elements which can vary from the simple - text, for example - to the very complex - a full ecommerce system, for example. There are currently around 4000 extensions.
  • If there is no suitable extension, one can be programmed. TYPO3 and its extensions are written using PHP, the most common programming language on the web, and typoscript, its own programming language.
  • We can provide training for you in any aspect of what we do, and particularly in editing your site, so as to empower you to do it yourself.
  • Alternatively, or in addition, you can download a single setup programme which will install a working version of TYPO3, complete with extensions, to your desktop, and follow a tutorial at your own pace
  • If you prefer to let us support you on-goingly with what we know how to do, that's fine, too.