Web Sites for Religious Groups

Churches, and other religious or faith-based groups, are a special sort of community organisation, needing web sites that offer a wide range of opportunities for one- and two-way communication.

Web Empowered Church (WEC) Package

Christian Churches are particularly fortunate that the Web Empowered Church has produced a TYPO3-based package specially designed for them.

"Out of the box" you get a powerful, interactive site which will support you in your ministry.

We recommend this package to other community organisations - a full description is here. While community organisations need to modify the product to some extent, this is not necessary, of course, for churches, though you might want to modify banner pictures and possibly use you own design for your site.


Th WEC package is one of our base hosting options, and we will install it into your web space free of charge.

You can then choose you own templates, and customise the site to meet your needs.

Alternatively, we will install the WEC package, and customise it to your needs for £50-00 +VAT, to give you an even quicker start.

In principle, that is all you need to pay, apart from hosting charges. The WEC package and its extensions are very thoroughly documented,

Gate Seven provide extensive support, training and development facilities, which you can purchase as and when you need them.

What if we are not Christian?

The Web Empowered Church is a Christian ministry, and as such it designs its products to meet the needs of Christian Churches.

These needs are not markedly dissimilar to those of other religious organisations, such as mosques, temples and gurdwaras, and such organisations are likely to find the WEC package suits them just as well.

The WEC templates are released under the GPL (General Public License), which means that anyone is free to make use them, and to modify them in any way that they see fit.

The WEC, and, indeed the developers of TYPO3 were inspired by Christianity, and they ask that you do not use either product in a context which is anti-Christian. The aims and objectives of most religious organisations which operate within the law are in fact broadly compatible with the aims and objectives of Christianity, so we see no problem in non-Christian organisations using the WEC set-up.