Funding Development

Another way of cutting down costs is to form a consortium of organisations which share similar overall requirements for their sites (though not necessarily the same content).

Forming a consortium to fund development

A consortium or group can normally fund much more development and training than an individual organisation.

Gate Seven can then develop a single solution for all the group's websites, and then deploy them:

  • As a single instance of TYPO3 with a number of separate URLs. To each organisation, it appears that they have their own installation, and it is not possible for one organisation to interfere with another's site.
    Resources such as extensions can be installed and configured globally (for all sites) by a central administrator, or locally (for a single site), and, in any case, global extensions can be configured locally for each site.
    The solution works for sites with reasonably low traffic, but it is difficult to migrate an individual site to a separate installation. An advantage is that you can share central administration costs.
  • As multiple instances of TYPO3, each with its own URL. Each organisation has its own independent system, which it manages individually. The installations start identical (as to function and configuration), but then develop individually as each organisation requires.

More complex scenarios are also possible, for example when an organisation has branches, each of which needs its own website, but all the site share a common body of content.