Sample Functional Requirements

General description of purpose of site

  1. To advertise the services of the Client
  2. To improve and increase the brand image of the Client
  3. To increase awareness of the Clients services worldwide.
  4. To sell the Clients services worldwide.
  5. To provide the Client with a source of data relating to their own Clients.
  6. To provide the Client with a source of data relating to their services.
  7. To provide a rationale for periodic contact by the Client with his own Clients.

Sub systems required

The following sub-systems will be required:

  1. An e-mail contact system for the administrator of the site to send messages to site visitors and / or Clients.
  2. An e-mail system for the delivery of the services.
  3. A database to hold information entered by a Client or site visitor. Such information will be available to the manager of the site through a control panel.
  4. A database to hold history of Client purchases and order processing.
  5. Each Principal Page of the web site will contain clear navigational links to other pages likely to be visited. The list of Principal Pages and links is contained in Appendix 7.
  6. Payment system - the Client proposes to set up a payment system through [merchant service provider], with whom the Web Writer will liaise to satisfy himself that the payment system is properly set up and operational before the web site is handed over to the Client. The Project includes such design work and the writing of any html, or other code, necessary to embed the payment system into the web site.


A Client operated control panel giving access to the Reports

Control panel and administration reports

The site will include an administrator control panel, containing such pages as are necessary to allow the Client to change dynamic variables from time to time, without the need for professional software expertise. The variables to be capable of change through the control panel are:

  1. Price of each product
  2. Maximum delivery time
  3. Quantity discount
  4. Minimum value of order
  5. Current special offer.
  6. Text for home page advertisement

Control Panel Access password

The control panel will be accessed by a password.

The control panel will give access to the Reports.

[ ..... ]

Software and technical requirements

 [ ..... ]

Target System

  1. The site is to be written in all ways appropriately for a screen resolution of [800 x 600] pixels. It is however to be capable of proper viewing on screen resolution [1024 x 768] pixels. The Web Writer shall take the instructions of the Client on any issue relating to the viewing of the Web Site at a resolution of [1024 x 768] pixels.
  2. The site will be enabled for Microsoft Internet Explorer, back to and including version [ ], and for Netscape Navigator, back to and including version [ ] / Mozilla, Mozilla Firefox, Konqueror or [specified] open source browsers.

Development Platforms

  1. The software shall be written [on/for] a [Microsoft Windows or Linux / Unix] platform.
  2. The coding will be commented thoroughly in English for easy change by others at a later date.
  3. Web server software used for serving the application will be [ ].
  4. Server side scripting software (PHP / ASP) will be used.
  5. JavaScript will be used for Client side scripting.
  6. Gate Seven [may / may not] use bought-in templates for design of any part of the site.
  7. The database will be written in [. . . . . . ] And accessed through MySQL / MS SQL.
  8. The Client's own Client data provided by Client and to be collected in the database are:
    1. [First name
    2. Last name
    3. Email address
    4. Telephone contact
    5. Business name
    6. Business address
    7. Type of business
    8. Items ordered
    9. Price of each item ordered
    10. Date of order]
  9. Each Client is to be tagged with an alphanumeric reference in the format [format], and starting with [first ref].


Gate Seven shall make arrangements as the agent of the Client with regard to the hosting of the Web Site as follows:

  1. recommend a suitable hosting service
  2. arrange the hosting contract
  3. send the Project software to the host
  4. approve the publication of the Web Site.
  5. Test the functionality of the Web Site as a site visitor.


  1. All images used on the Web Site are subject to prior approval of the Client.
  2. All images will be compatible with the the existing branding of the Clients Goods / Services.

Design requirements

  1. Pages will be designed so that horizontal scrolling is never necessary at resolution [800 x 600] pixels, or above.
  2. Blocks of text and information will be centred / aligned left.
  3. Multiple variables will be contained where possible within a style sheet. A template will be used [where this will save time in making future changes.]
  4. A copyright notice will be presented as a footer on every principal page.
  5. Links will be provided to the Client's privacy policy and business terms from suitable pages.
  6. On the home page an attribution notice, giving the Web Writer´s name and e-mail address, and not exceeding 120 characters in total, may be placed in font size not exceeding 6pt.

Site registration / records

  1. The principal url of the site is: [ ]
  2. A list of all site pages is attached. The list provides: html page titles and corresponding page descriptions.
  3. The host details are: [ ]

List of principal pages / site map

  1. Home
  2. Our services
  3. Product list
  4. Client reference / registration
  5. Confirm purchases
  6. Contact us
  7. Information on usage
  8. FAQs
  9. etc, etc