Where do the costs come from?

The costs involved in setting up and running a TYPO3 web site divide into the following categories. While all these need to be covered in relation to any given project, the open source model ensures that much of what you might have to pay for in a closed-source project is already, and freely, available.

  1. Specification of the aims and objectives of the site, and clarification of the means which will be adopted to realise them.
  2. creating the designs for the main web-site and for the output of extensions
  3. implementing the design or designs as (X)HTML templates and connecting them to TYPO3
  4. adding functions in the form of pre-existing extensions
  5. development of additional extensions for functions essential to your organisation, but not currently available
  6. support for management of site roles, for both front-end and back-end users
  7. Training and practice time for people who will work directly with the site
  8. origination of content
  9. adding content to the site
  10. hosting costs
  11. The cost of the software needed too run the site
  12. The cost of the software needed to prepare content (such as graphics)

If we are working in a partnership model, we work together to identify and asign these costs within the overall budget; if we a re working in a more normal competitive model you need to be clear in advance which of these issues would be the responsibility of you supplier, and how you will identify and manage the resources for the rest.