Supporting Group Structures

Many companies and organisations are organised into group structures. Group members or entities may be practically independent, with their own aims and objectives, and therefore easily served by their own web sites, or they may be organised around branches, each of which has its own identity, but which share a common body of information.

Either way, there may be issues about the central control of information, and the central preservation of group identity, which make it undesirable for completely independent sites to be made available.

TYPO3 offers several solutions for managing web sites relating to group/organisational structures within a single installation, enabling members of a group to share a common body of content, or even display more-or-less the same content through independent organisational identities.

Such sites could be presented: 

  • in parallel - the same base content on each page, with the option for adding specific local information, or subtracting information that is not relevant
  • independently - each branch selecting content from a central store of content elements which is maintained centrally.

In both cases, each branch can have its own site URL (, or can be made a sub-domain of the main domain ( All the sites are managed from a single TYPO3 backend, with permissions set so that only authorised people can see and edit content, and then only specific content within their own area.

As appropriate, a workflow can be established within which proposed changes are developed off-line in TYPO3 work spaces by editors who do not have permission to publish, and which are then viewed and committed for publication by evaluators.