Design and Impact

Design is important to corporate clients, who may spend large amounts of money on branding and presentation. A corporate web site needs to be able to reflect that branding, and be flexible enough to take on the design demands of top-end designers.

Key Points:

  • Design needs to be capable of making an immediate impact on visitors.
  • Both design and content are likely to be the subject of research into their effectiveness, so it is important that you can change either or both easily whenever you wish, and without undue delay.
  • Corporate branding can change, and it is important that the investment in content which a site contains is not lost if this occurs.
  • Different parts of a single corporation may have different brand and design requirements, and these may need top be reflected on the different sections of a corporate web site.

You can have any design(s) you like

TYPO3 uses a very flexible system for managing HTML templates, such that it can work with virtually any design which can be implemented as (X)HTML.

Moreover, each page can be set to have its own design, if that is what your site needs - and the same applies to sections of the site, which can be set to have a distinctive look and feel.

You can change the design easily

The design for a page, or even for the whole site, is determined by its template. Once a new design is prepared, it can be selected into a page by a single mouse click.

You can choose the source of your design 

The freedom to use any design also frees you to spend as much or as little on the initial design of your site as you wish, or can afford; you can then change it whenever you wish, and the cost of doing so is mainly a function of the cost of the new design(s).

  • We can call on high quality designers and copy writers, if you need a full design done,
  • or we can work directly with your existing designers, advising them with regard to best practices in implementing CMS-based design
  • we can use your current site design if this does not require updating, or
  • you could buy in a design from one of the many companies that supply "off the shelf" designs.

The design can either be implemented as HTML, or as a photoshop mock-up which we then implement as standards-compliant CSS-based XHTML - an approach which we recommend, since designers do not always understand standards.