Branding and Corporate Identity

Supporting Corporate Identity

Corporate identity/branding employs design and typefaces which are applied consistently to all your publications, and applied to your products.

Frequently, problems arise in applying a corporate identity to the web, because of the limitations of browsers, and the need to support standards. Gate Seven can assist you in maintaining an accurate identity on the web, by dealing with the problems that arise:

  • Your corporate look-and-feel, and/or the site design you paid dearly for, cannot be managed by your web-related technology.
    TYPO3 can display content through virtually any design, and in virtually any language
  • You cannot predict which typefaces a visitor has on their computer, and
  • Technologies which deliver typefaces legally work only with a limited range of browsers/operating systems.
    We can deliver your site using Glyphgate, which delivers legally embedded typefaces to virtually any graphics-enabled browser
  • Fonts designed for printing are frequently not optimised for screen use, and fonts designed for screen use are not your corporate typefaces.
    We can hint fonts manually so they are optimised for both environments, and/or manage style sheets so that the best fonts are used in all contexts
  • Fonts for non-Latin scripts are not in your corporate style, and those readily available are just not of the same standard
    We have access to some of the world's best specialists in multilingual type design, and can have typefaces designed to match your corporate faces