Collaboration and Sharing

Intranets and Extranets

TYPO3 is a powerful tool for promoting information sharing and collaboration. The sophisticated management of back- and font-end permissions makes it possible to ensure that information is either shared and/or contained as appropriate.

A single installation can serve both internal and external needs in this way, or you can use separate installations for your external internet presence and your intranet.

You can also use your site as an extranet, making areas accessible only to those collaborating on particular projects.

This is frequently more effective and efficient as a method of working that using email, since all the documentation, communications, versioning and auditing for a particular project can be gathered together in one place accessible wherever there is an internet connection.

Gate Seven can also supply additional software, for example Sugar CRM software or other groupware projects (Sugar is very heavyweight indeed, and could be more than you need.) Such packages can frquently be integrated with a TYPO3-based project.