Achieving Your Objectives

In working with you our major objective is to get out of your way, so that we can deliver a solution which meets your aims and objectives. A priority in the early stages of working with you will therefore be to clarify just what you and the people who will use your site want, and how this can be delivered.

A number of objectives are common:

  • You want value for money, while having enough money to invest to achieve your objectives.
  • You want to ensure that your site has impact, which is best achieved through good design.
  • You also want it to serve your customers, and provide them with the means to communicate with you.
  • You already have a corporate identity, and corporate branding which must be preserved and extended through your site;
  • alternatively, you are seeking a (re)launch, which includes the development or identity and branding.
  • You already have a web presence. You want to preserve you existing investment in design while expanding functionality.
  • You need the site to conform to your layouts and design, not vice-versa.
  • You need a system that can you are in control of, which can be updated on a day-to-day basis as part of your business processes by people whose skills are not primarily web-related, and whose input can be contained, checked and approved prior to publication.
  • You want freedom to work on the system securely from any computer connected to the internet, to enable you to work on development in or out of house.
  • You are interested in exploring the possibilities inherent in interactive systems, to support your customers/clients, and to save money on manual systems.
  • You are interested in having an extranet to support staff working away from base, and to enable collaborative work with clients - a sort of web-based meeting place, secure, private and accessible wherever an internet connection is available.
  • You want to integrate publications which appear in other media (print, music, video) with your site.
  • You may wish to produce email newsletters and fliers to communicate with your client base effectively and at minimal cost.
  • You need a multi-lingual site, so that you can expand your markets to areas where English does not make the best impression.
  • You may be wanting to sell goods and services directly through your site.
  • You want the potential to relaunch your site by changing the appearance without having to have the whole content rewritten.