Lists of features are all very well, but how would a Gate Seven web site based on TYPO3 benefit your business or organisation?

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Putting You In Control

You will to be in control of your web site without needing technical web design skills.

At a basic level, TYPO3 provides a sort of web-based word processor, so you can add or edit text, graphics, pages and other content whenever you want to. Everything is managed and edited from any computer which has an internet connection.

If you need more you can plug in a vast range of web based applications which provide the interactivity which makes the modern web so powerful. 

Want a forum? Plug it in. Want a directory? Plug it in. Want to manage events and sell tickets? Plug it in. Want a shop? Plug it in. Want an extranet? Set the permissions.

With more than 4000 extensions currently available, what you need is probably already available.

The whole TYPO3 system is open source, designed for customisation, and available for development. If what you need is not already developed, all you need is the money, or the skills, to get exactly what you want. 

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Power for the People

We make it possible for smaller community groups to benefit from this power, as well as larger, well funded organisations and companies. We can do this because a number of groups have developed preconfigured "off the shelf" packages which provide a wide range of functions relevant to community organisations. Implementing these costs us, and therefore you, very little.

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Business Advantages

TYPO3 makes it easy for you to keep your website up-to-date yourself, if that is what you want to do, reducing costs and delays.

It can also automate your business processes, and keep you in touch with your customers, clients or community.

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Marketing Advantages

Your web site will streamline the process of getting product information, demonstrations, news, services, events, or anything else you need out into the world without delay. You can integrate an ecommerce solution, and it is accessible to search engines

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Multilingual Sites

Not only is TYPO3 designed to support sites in multiple languages - mixed on pages, or pages in parallel, but Gate Seven are one of the leading specialists in multilingual computing, and in the delivery of scripts on the net. You can also incorporate multimedia files, which are often a better way of getting your message across in minority languages.

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It is a legal requirement that web sites are accessible to people with a range of disabilities.

We design using techniques which support accessibility standards, separating design from content, and making use of the correct semantic meanings of markup.

Your site can meet all three levels of WAI standard requirements.

Our layouts are designed to degrade gracefully on non-graphical and older browsers. If you have a particular requirement for display on PDAs and other low-resolution devices, this, too, can be accomodated by TYPO3.

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