HTML Templates

The WEC system uses CSS-based design ensuring that almost any likely layout can be implemented based on the same framework. 

Busy Noggin Framework

The WEC system uses this framework, which is an extension of the templavoila templating engine for TYPO3.

The Busy Noggin Framework provides you immediately with the capacity to switch between 13 pre-designed templates, none of which are overtly religious.

In addition it provides flexibility of layout within the site:

  • a range of page layouts is supplied divided into different numbers of columns, and also
  • the means to vary the number of columns down the page, including call-out sections, and
  • groups of boxes which maintain a constant height even when the content in each box is different in extent.
  • Within the framework elements you have the freedom to insert all types of content, ranging from standard text to the output of complex extensions.
  • There are around 4500 extensions available for TYPO3, in addition to those provided with the package, and you are free to install any of them.

Using your own (X)HTML layouts with WEC

While the layouts provided are quite varied, they are clearly not unique. However, they are generally sufficiently generic, and there is sufficient flexibility, to ensure that your own content will stand out.

If that is insufficient for you, you can incorporate your own design. The facility is included to make a copy of the nearest template to the one you want, and then to edit it to your exact requirements.

Additionally, if you have a design implemented in HTML, you can incorporate it into the system by following the Busy Noggin workflow.

Add your content while waiting for your design

A frequent hold-up in implementing a web site is the wait involved while the design is being agreed. Usually you cannot start work on the content until the design is fully implemented.

Using the Busy Noggin framework, you can start entering your content immediately by utilising the wire frame template. Once the design has been agreed and implemented, it can be integrated at the click of a button.