Base TYPO3 Packages

The "Dummy" package is the most basic TYPO3 installation which can be used to generate a web site. It is the package which developers will want installed.

TYPO3 Dummy Package

The dummy package provides the baseline for our TYPO3 hosting, and it is the basis from which all TYPO3 sites develop, by

  • configuration
  • incorporation of (X)HTML templates
  • addition of extensions
  • addition of content.

The dummy package is a blank canvas, a framework within which you develop your site, set in a hosting environment which is powerful enough, and has the right software installed, for your creation to be realised.

You need to be a TYPO3 developer to use the dummy package, or at the very least willing to put in a lot of hard work before you get results. If you are a developer, it is just what you need, in the right environment, to start work

Test and Quickstart Packages

These packages can be installed as an alternative to the dummy package.

They are fully configured, and produce meaningful output "out of the box", and therefore could be customised for your own site.

However, they are actually designed for their specific purposes, neither of them uses the most recent templating system, and either of the two alternative templates we offer free of charge is better (and more powerful) for customising for your site, being specifically designed for that purpose.

  • The Quickstart package is part of a tutorial designed for trainig editors and others in the basic principles of working with aTYPO3 site. It is a site set up for a small football club
  • The Test Package is designed to test the compatibility of new versions of TYPO3, and it contains many useful examples of configuration, which can help greatly as you learn to be a TYPO3 developer, but it is not really suitable as the basis for your own web site: there would be dozens of pages to hide, or delete for example.

The Test and Quickstart packages can be installed directly on your own desktop by downloading and installing the TYPO3 Winstaller (which also includes a dummy package for you to play with).

The Quickstart manual is here.