Additional Hosting Options

These options are made available on an individual basis. Please contact us for a quotation, or for further information.

Dedicated Servers

A dedicated server has only your website on it. You have, in principle, complete control over the whole server, and you are never competing for bandwidth and resources with other sites on the same server.

Further and more advanced solutions are also possible, such as

  • load sharing a single site over several servers.
  • utilising one server as a database server, with another as web server

Dedicated Servers have to be set up and managed individually, and this tends to increase costs quite substantially, over and above the cost of renting the server itself.

Dedicated servers are usually supplied complete with Plesk, licensed for up to 100 sites. Even if you are planning to run only a single site on the server, Plesk considerably simplifies the management of that site. If your requirements are more specialised, we can supply a range of alternative, more minimalistic, operating systems.

Virtual Servers

A virtual server is a half-way house between shared hosting and a dedicated server. Each (real) server is divided up by specialist software into a number of virtual servers, each of which operates independently of the others. You are still sharing resources, though you will be guaranteed a certain proportion of the total resources of the server.

Our virtual servers are supplied with the Plesk control panel, licensed for up to 30 sites - though in reality a virtual server is unlikely to have the resources to serve so many dynamic sites.

You need therefore to ensure that the minimum resources you can command will be guaranteed to run your site efficiently.

The most common reason for choosing a virtual server is that you need root access for some reason, while not wanting or needing to make the bigger investment involved in a dedicated server. The key feature of virtual servers is that each can only crash itself - and you are therefore protected from the potentially destructive activities of other virtual server owners on the same machine, and vice-versa.

Server Management

Just as we can supply you with a dedicated or virtual server, we can also manage a server you already have.This gives you the added security of being completely in control of your hardware, while not needing to be linux experts to keep it going.