Editing Existing Page Content

The Edit Work Area can be accessed by clicking on the yellow folder in the Navigation Column (2nd column) and then edit from the drop down menu


by clicking on the folder's name


by writing the ID number in the box at the bottom left side of the screen This is the fastest way to get to a page, especially if you can't quite remember where in the directory structure the page is.

Your work area will now look something like this: You can access your content information to edit in 3 different ways:

[1] Clicking on the text itself. Notice how the text color has changed from black to blue.

[2] Clicking on 'Edit in Rich Text Editor'

[3] Clicking on the pencil icon

Your screen will now look like the one below: There are a lot more options here than just the text you want to edit. A full explanation is in the reference section of the tutorial about editing the page header.

[1] The wording of the header of the page can be changed here.

[2] The text of the page/content can be directly changed here. If you only want to see the text you are editing

[3] Click on the full screen Rich Text Editing icon. Your screen will now look like the picture below. This is the icon:

[4] A description of the General options heading is also explained in the Edit Page Properties page in the reference section of the tutorial, only in the page heading the options apply to the whole page, where here it only applies to the content section.

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Rich Text Editor

You are now in the Rich Text Editor (for more information about its components go to the reference section). The Rich Text Editor functions just like a word processor.

Any mistakes can be easily undone by pressing ctrl-z or the undo button at the top of the page.

Once you have made changes you can either click the save document button at the top of the page or the save the document and view the page in the browser button at the top of the page.

If you like the way the page looks you are done. If it is not quite to your liking, go back and make changes until you are satisfied with the resulting page.

If you don't know any HTML ignore the check box next to Source Code below the text. If you know HTML you can go there and edit the Source Code directly.


Remember that after you have made changes to your pages to click on the Clear All Cache option at the bottom left of your screen.

Undo Icon


Save Icon


Save and View Icon

Source Code check box


Clear all Cache Option


For details about the Rich Text Editor go to the Rich Text Editor Reference Section.

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