Tutorial For Editors

A tutorial which will assist you in learning the skills required of editors and contributors who use the TYPO3 back-end for editing and adding pages to their site.


This tutorial was available from the TYPO3 website, but seems now to have got lost.

It teaches you about the TYPO3 back-end, and how it can be used to

  • add and manage the page structure of your site,
  • add and edit content elements
  • use the rich text editor - by far the most common content element.

For many back end users this is all you will need to know.

 The tutorial (somewhat extended) can be downloaded in pdf format from here

The illustrations in this tutorial are based on an earlier version of TYPO3 than the one you are probably currently using.

In addition, the Rich Text Editor described is the older version (extension code rte), rather than the current default RTE, which is based on HTML Area, and which has different dialogs and (if you are allowed to see them) more features.

Nevertheless, virtually all of the information remains valid, even if the interfaces have changed a little.