htmlArea Rich Text Editor

A Rich Text Editor is an in-line text editor which appears in the back-end, and sometimes in the front-end to enable you to enter text in a familiar environment, similar to a word processor, and avoid the need to know anything about HTML.


  • Support for Firefox 0.8+, Mozilla 1.3.1+ and Netscape 7.1+ on all platforms, and for IE5.5+ on Windows platforms;
  • Integration of TYPO3 image insertion and link insertion browsers
  • Configurable colour selector and user element insertion dialog;
  • Optional integration with the DAM media browser for image insertion;
  • Configuration through TYPO3 Extension Manager, Page and User TSConfig
  • RTE properties; three default/demo sets of Page and User TSConfig configuration settings for typical situations, advanced users or  demo environments which can be further modified as required;
  • The configuration option enables administrators to specify the range of text effects which are available to each user, or user group ensuring that the site presentation is consistent.
  • Integration with the translation facilities of TYPO3;
  • Integration of the DynamicCSS and InlineCSS HTMLArea plugins providing CSS style selector boxes with style descriptors imported from an external CSS file;
  • Integration of the Spell Checker HTMLArea plugin providing spell checking in many languages, with optional personal dictionaries for each back-end user.;
  • Integration of ContextMenu, TableOperations, InsertSmiley, FindReplace, RemoveFormat, CharacterMap, QuickTag and Acronym HTMLArea plugins; Acronym plugin not currently available in IE;
  • Anchor accessibility feature;
  • Lorem Ipsum wizard so that dummy content may be inserted when the editor is in wysiwyg mode;
  • Optional configurable server-side HTML cleaning when content is pasted into the editor;
  • A class that may be used in front end extensions to enable rich text editing of text fields.