Users or members are people who have permission to interact with your site in an active way. Membership structures support the creation of a sense of community.

Members can be registered with the site:

  • themselves, through an automated process which enables you to collect information about them, and which requires them validate their membership by responding to an email sent to the address they give.
  • By invitation
  • By being assigned a membership directly by a back end user.

Depending on that information, you assign them to user groups (or they may select their own) which can access particular content or functionality.

For example:

  • everyone might be able to see comments on a page, or entries in a Forum but only members of a particular group might be allowed to make comments. 
  • People with particular interests can be placed into a group which is shown additional pages and/or which gives them access to downloadable material
  • People can register for newsletters, which the system sends to them
  • concert promoters can submit and edit details of events
  • news events can be submitted
  • small ads entered or properties registered for display
  • clients can have their own areas, with support forums and helpdesk functionality, for example.