The Host is the organisation which supplies the web server which delivers your site to its audience. Nearly all organisations outsource this function.

Your host needs to provide a server environment in which TYPO3 operates optimally so that it serves your objectives. This means having installed and available a number of packages which are required for TYPO3 and some of its extensions to function correctly.

  • All TYPO3 dependencies are open source, therefore widely and freely available, and run on a wide range of operating systems.
  • Most (mySQL, php) are highly standard, and supplied by hosting companies as a matter of course, though some desirable software, particularly that used by extensions, is more specialised, so it is worth choosing a specialist TYPO3 hosting company.
  • In case you are managing your own server, there is nothing which is needed which you likely to find is neither supplied as a matter of course, nor installable together with its own extensions by using a package such as YUM.
  • Most recent extensions include all the code they need, or are dependent only on other extensions.

If your hosting is not up to the job, which may easily happen if your site is successful, you can easily extract the whole site and take it elsewhere.

High Demand Sites

There are many issues which are common to all large sites with high demand. In this context, we will simply mention that they exist, and that TYPO3 is scalable to manage these issues for all but the very largest web sites.