Health Warning

This section is particularly aimed at managers, and presents information from a management perspective. It goes into considerable depth in places, so we perhaps need to issue a health warning, and a reassurance, for potential clients who wish to start a smaller scale project.

Just because TYPO3, in particular, can support the needs of a large enterprise does not mean that it is not feasible, or that it is too complicated to use it for much smaller projects.

One of the reasons you might employ Gate Seven to support you in your project is that we remove the complexity from your in-box, replacing it with the decisions you need to make, organised in a way which is relevant to your organisation.


Managing your web project

This section is designed to support you in planning, implementation and management of your website, from a management point-of-view. it can provide you with a framework from which to start work, and a check list of what is necessary.

You can use this section, for example:

  • to fill out your background knowledge
  • to form the basis of a skills audit
  • or a feasibility study for your business plan.

The process is essentially the same whether you decide to go it alone, or to employ Gate Seven, or indeed anyone else, to do all or some of it with or for you.

Advance Planning
Basic principles to consider as you plan a web-related project
Content Management
What is content, why does it need to be managed, and what is a content management system anyway?
Security is important for any web site. TYPO3 has a number of different levels at which the integrity of your data and code can be supported.
Managing Site Roles
Web sites are managed through a number of roles. Although one person can assume several of these roles, they all need to be operational for a site to succeed