Sources for TYPO3 Templates

Using a pre-designed template can get your TYPO3 site visible on the internet quickly, and frees you up to concentrate on the content which is unique to your organisation, as well as saving you money, because you do not have to pay for the whole cost of the design involved.


There are two types of templates relevant to TYPO3:

  • Standard (X)HTML templates
    These provide visual design, and need to be connected to TYPO3 using one of the available templating systems, such as templavoila.
  • TYPO3 templates
    These provide visual design which is already connected to TYPO3, so all you need to do is to start adding your content. Some may include a choice of designs, and a number of extensions preconfigured

This lists below are provided in the hope that they will be helpful. Inclusion in this list does not imply that we endorse the companies concerned in any way, or that we have tested their products.

Standard HTML Templates

A large number of companies supply (X)HTML templates which are designed for static sites, and many of these are suitable for inclusion in a TYPO3 web site.

When choosing a standard template, remember that with a CMS, you don't necessarily know in advance which pages will be in the top level of menus, and you may want to move pages around flexibly, so the wrong design can limit your freedom.

Also, be aware that animated Flash menus may be difficult to interface to TYPO3, and are in any case often annoying after the initial "wow" effect has worn off

There is a huge number of companies supplying such templates - and many of them seem to be the same set of templates advertised under different names.

Examples are:

Design Load

Free Layouts


Template Monster


Free CSS Templates

Free CSS

TYPO3 Templates

A smaller number of companies supply TYPO3 templates. Of those that do, the amount of features included vary considerably, though all will provide you with a design and the capacity to start inserting your content immediately. 

1a Webagentur Hamburg Template Shop[German] 

Arthur Konze Webdesign[English] 

base-iX Websolutions[German] 



IT-BO free TYPO3 Template[German] 


Muster Vorlagen fur TYPO3 bei Stonki[German] 




Template-Shop von website4all[German] 

Templates von Kerstin Huppenbauer[German] 

Templates von[German] 




YAML - Ein flexibles Mehrspaltenlayout-Framework [German]

Templates which are not based on templavoila require a different approach to template building, and you may be better off tryiong out one of the templavoila-based templates, (e.g. WEC or YAML) and then using templavoila to incorporate a standard (X)HTML design.