Once you have decided which parts of a project you will be managing yourself, it is likely that training will become an issue.

Generally we deal with open source software, and large amounts of technical and other usage-related material is freely available for it on the internet. The following levels of management of training are therefore possible:

  • Let staff find the appropriate material and train themselves
  • Provide them with reading lists, and, ideally, management of their reading
  • Provide structured courses which address their learning needs which they can follow in their own time
  • Provide them with structured courses with a trainer present
  • Then support them with directed and structured projects as they learn to work with the system practically

In our experience, the most effective approach for most staff, and therefore the one we would be moist likely to propose is:

  1. Carry out a skills audit
  2. Deliver targeted training sessions with a trainer
  3. Ensure that there is sufficient follow up that skills learned in training sessions are practiced and integrated.