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I'm upgrading from v7.x and I created different templates based off the Executive Gujarati template so that I could reuse my own style and table definitions. Will I still be able to use these template definitions?

The template needs to be in the Gate Seven Multilingual folder to work. At least one template in there needs to have the current name, but everything should work OK if you base additional templates on the official template, and rename them, while keeping them in the same folder.

To access these templates, make shortcuts from them to your desktop. Make sure you don?t copy the files themselves.

Unfortunately, you can?t use the old templates, because the updated templates use a different copy protection system (I?m assuming here that you upgraded from V7.x to v10.x). You can import styles from your old templates to your new templates (Developer -> Macros -> Organiser -> Styles) by opening documents based on both templates, then transferring the styles into the new template, and saving it.

If you are working in Word 2007, I would recommend that you add the styles you use most to Quick Styles Gallery, then save them as a Quick Styles Set.

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My laptop switches to Hindi_W1 whenever I want to write in Mangal font.

The Executive system has no knowledge of Mangal being a Devanagari font. So it will treat it as English. To use Mangal in an Executive document you would need to use the Off button to turn script processing off, then select the M$ Indscript layout, and type with that, then turn Executive script processing on with the ?On? button, to type further in the Executive supported fonts.

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I am trying to load my documents from an older machine (win 95 and Office 97) but I am unable to use the keyboard in the traditional way. The "kh" for instance cannot be done using shift k for example. I can create new documents with the new template.

Quick and dirty:

1. Start a new document using the new template

2. Open the old document

3. Select and copy the whole of the text (Ctrl-A then Ctrl-C)

4. Paste into the new document

5. Save the new document


The problem is probably that the old document is pointing to the template in the Word templates directory, whereas the new template is in C:\Program Files\Gate Seven Multilingual\

1. Open the old document. If you are asked if you want to jump to the last editing point, the template has been found, so, if you really cannot edit, try the method above. In any case, abort this process. Otherwise:

2. In Word click on Developer in the main menu

3. Click on Document Template in the Ribbon Bar

4. Click on Attach

5. Navigate to C:\Program Files\GATE SEVEN\Gate Seven Multi Lingual

6. Select Executive Gujarati for Word 97.DOT

7. Click on Open

8. Save and close the document

9. Open the document. You should now be asked if you want to jump to the last editing point. Say ?Yes?, and you should now be able to edit the document again.

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I just upgraded, and now all my fonts are displaying in Latin script

You probably didn't uninstall before reinstalling.

Windows is still trying to use the old fonts, which are no longer there.

Reboot the machine and everything should be fine.

Older operating systems

This can happen because Windows only allows you a certain number of fonts, and will not display those above that number.

You can tell this is happening if you double click on a font file in the Windows\Fonts folder, and it does not appear in the window that opens up.

The solution is to remove fonts that you don't use.

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I'm getting a copy protection error. What does it mean?

You can find extensive descriptions of all errors at www.copyminder.com/errors.php. Looking them up there may be quicker than phoning us

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We can create Executive Bengali documents but after re-opening we cannot use the file and it says "runtime error 91, Object variable or With block variable not set"

Download the latest version, and install it, and the problem should be solved

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I have since discovered that our firewalls block the online registration of your software, but as the installations will be performed during Office Hours then it is acceptable for an engineer to call yourself given the Product Key and Installation Code.

Navigate to www.copyminder.com/activate.php and you can enter the data yourself ? this is usually less hassle than doing it over the phone.

If you let Gate Seven have the serial numbers, we can set them so that they have to be locked to particular computers.

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I am having some problem with my Executive Bengali Could you please send me the Installation Code No. ?

I take it you are trying to install to a machine which is not connected to the internet.

I can't send you an installation code unless you send me the serial number (EBEN11????) and the installation code which the setup programme displays.

Alternatively, if you do have access to a computer which is connected to the internet, you can do it yourself, by browsing to www.copyminder.com/activate.php

If you previously locked the copy to your computer, you will need to let me know the serial number, so I can release it again.

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I have already installed gujarati programme on my main computer now I would like to install it on my laptop. I would like to know ho much that will cost me.

If your copy protection is internet-based, you could simply install the software onto your laptop using the same serial number, and provided you connect the laptop to the internet at least once a week it should work fine.

The only problem with this is that you can only switch the license between machines about once a week, and you may want the laptop to function with no internet connection at all.

In that case you need to purchase another license. The cost of this is £150-00 +VAT

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We have now updated to vista and would like to install xxx ver 10.x/11.x using office 2003 the old hdd running xp and the earlier insalation has been erased during vista intalation will we need a new no or will the old one do again

Provided your original installation was not locked to your computer ("manual installation"). Just run the setup program this should not be a problem.

If it was locked to the computer, you will need to contact us to get it unlocked again on the internet server. To unlock, we need to know the serial number.

Please be aware that we reserve the right to charge for unlocking locked copies, and we will do this if you make a number of requests for us to unlock your copy.

If you are installing onto Vista, you will need to make some changes to permissions after you have installed the software.

Please refer to the article in this secion.

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