Copy Protection Notes

The Executive series software is copy protected using a system called CopyMinder which enables registration and management of copies over an internet connection, or by a manual registration process using the phone, and allows considerably greater freedom than was previously available.

All copies are registered as part of the set-up prgramme. You can choose to register automatically over the internet, or manually by phone or e-mail.

Internet Registration

Registering your copy over the internet means that the installation process is very straightforward, and your license is secured in a remote location which allows your license to be checked from any computer which is connected to the internet.

This means that the protection itself is independent of your computer, and remains valid even if the computer?s hard disk is reformatted, and the software reinstalled.

You can also install the software on another computer. This has the effect of invalidating the original installation, though you can transfer the protection back to the first computer, by installing it again.

The protection periodically checks with the internet server, so you do need to be able to access the internet from time to time if you wish to use this type of protection.

Passing on your license by accident

Please be aware that only one active copy is allowed at any one time for any license key. If you allow someone else  to install your copy, by providing them with your license key, then your own copy will no longer work, unless you reinstall it, which will have the effect of invalidating the additional copy.

There is a limit to the number of times the software can be reinstalled inside a given period, and if you exceed the limits, you may find yourself locked out. We will not rescue you under these circumstances, and we advise you strongly to keep your registration numbers confidential.

Phone/Manual Registration

If you register the software "manually" by phone or by connecting to the copyminder activation site through another computer, the license is locked to a particular computer. The computer does not need to connect to the internet at any point to validate the license. This option is particularly suitable for installations on laptops.

You can register by phoning to Gate Seven (+44 (0)20 7613 0396) during normal UK office hours. However, you will probably find it more convenient to connect to the site yourself if this is possible.

What happens if I want to move my copy to another computer?

Manually installed

If you registered the software manually, the protection is locked to a particular machine.

If you wish to transfer your license to another machine, we can authorise additional  installations if necessary, and we may require evidence that your previous installation has been destroyed, and make a charge for the additional installation.

Internet-based registration

If you registered using the internet-based registration system, the last installation is the valid one. To install on another computer, you just need to run the setup programme on that computer, and the license will be transferred to it. You can transfer back by uninstalling from the first computer, and reinstalling onto it.

What if I need to run the software on several computers at the same time?

You need to purchase additional licenses for the additional computers.

If the computers are networked, you could also consider purchasing the network version, which controls the number of concurrent copies running on your network. You can then install up to five times as many copies as you have licenses, and use any of these copies up to the total number of licenses at any one time.